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Some 1940s style special effects, possibly assisted in creation by Frank Mrachek in his photo studio.

While the dancing girls in the beginning have yet to be verified, possibly a dance at the Elgin school. The boys are playing table tennis what is now the basement of the high school building in Plainview. In the 1940s it was a gym.

Robert Wadlow, tallest person in recorded history for whom there is irrefutable evidence, was in Plainview in the 1940s. His great height came from hyperplasia of his pituitary gland, which results in an abnormally high level of human growth hormone. Unfortunately he died at the age of 22 due to a parasitic infection and an autoimmune disorder. His height at the time of his death was 8ft 11 in.

For more information on Robert visit his Wikipedia page at

The fire of 1947 was the second fire at this location, the first being in 1940 destroying the Koenig Building, which was known as the largest department store in the area.

The area was rebuilt into multiple businesses referred to as the Co-op. It's believed that a lit cigar met chemicals used to clean the bowling alley. All the businesses caught in the blaze were a total loss.

A collection of clips from around Plainview in the 1940s. Known locations will be noted below with the time they're shown at. If you know anyone or where an unmarked location is in this video, please send us a message letting us know.


0:00 - Immanuel Lutheran Confrimation Class


0:09 - On main street roughly in front of the old Haley Building


0:44 - The two gentlemen are standing in front of what is now the Chinese restaurant.


0:55 - In front of the former location of People's State Bank, which is now where Broadway Video and Fitness is located.


1:02 - This man is walking in front of The JT Variety Store.


1:06 - This is a view of main street if you were standing in front of the Chinese restaurant (I believe) and looking east.


1:48 - This is Plainview's Old Pool Hall. The building is currently sitting empty, but it use to be D&D's Cafe.


2:13 - This is Skelly's Gas Station. It no longer exists. It was located where the creamery's parking lot along 3rd street is.


2:30 - Not sure of the name of the person or the business, but I've been told this is currently where Ma's Cafe is located.


2:36 - A view of main street if you were standing on the street in front of Custom Electronics and looking east.

Our very own Ron Manzow performing his original song about the JR Watkins Salesman who goes door to door.

Performed at 2008 Watkins Collectors Club Convention.
Copyright Ron Manzow 2008, uploaded with permission.

Here is the entire 2015 performance of Prairie Town "The Circus" in HD! See what happens when a couple of pick-pockets match 'wits' with the Ladies of the Prairie Town Benevolence Society

when circus comes to town.

Here is the entire 2016 performance of Prairie Town "Auto Dilemma" in HD! What will happen when the auto craze hits Prairie Town? Buckle up and come along for the ride!

A history center commercial from the late 90s/2000s

featuring our very own Ron Manzow.

Ron Video
Wadlow Video
Prairie Town 2015
Praire Town 2016
PAHC Commercial
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