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History Center Website Updates


February 2020

  • Added Archives to menu selection to include both indexes and pdf reading and/or download of certain documents in the History Center archives including:

    • Diaries: Harriet E. Macy Gearey; John Horn; Wright Miller; Irving Washington Rollin.

    • Whitewater Valley: The Beaver Story, The Beaver School District No. 45, The newspaper collection of articles (1930-1949) concerning people and communities within the Whitewater Valley (Primarily Beaver but also includes Elba, Weaver, Whitewater Falls, School District 45 and local organizations.)

    • Highland Township - Smithfield School District No. 40

    • Note: If the documents are read using a PDF reader such as pdfexpert or adobe acrobat reader, the documents can be searched and annotated.

    • A History of Minnesota - 4 Volumes - William Watts Folwell

    • History of Wabasha County - 1920

    • Link to Friends of Whitewater State Park website

    • Old Settlers of Greenwood Prairie

January 2020

  • Updated view of website with new background

  • Reviewed content and removed older items

  • Put all photo into one area of the menu (Media) for better organization.

    •  As additional photos are collected or scanned from the archives they will be added to this area.

  • Began to revise Bookstore items to allow partial or entire reading of certain documents including: Plateau of Plenty, The Heart of Greenwood Prairie, Plainview Walking Tours, The Plainview News, and the Plainview Enterprise.

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